Powder Coating

B&B Painting is proud to offer you powder coating for your project. We can powder coat virtually any metal object, and can accommodate a wide variety of sizes with our 6ft. walk in oven. We have a huge selection of colors in stock, and can get just about any color you might need. Just take a look at our color charts. We can also do clear coats, this provides extra protection and a high gloss to our finished parts. We can ship parts to you if you're out of the area. We offer quick turnaround and guarantee satisfaction with every order. Give us a call and we'll schedule your job to meet your needs. 

What is Powder Coating?
Powder Coating is a finishing process that uses dry particles of pigment and resin, which are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto a part. The particles coat the part and are held in place by the electric charge. The particles are then melted in an oven and fused onto the parts to become a very tough, durable coating. 

Who uses Powder Coating?  
Powder Coating can be seen in a huge variety of items, and is used by many industries, from automotive shops for coating suspension parts, engine parts, and brackets, to machine shops for coating various parts and pieces for their customers. Manufacturers of machinery and equipment use Powder Coating for adding a durable finish to their machines parts. Custom Automobile and Motorcycle shops use it for custom finished rims, frames and fork tubes. Makers of outdoor furniture use it on metal tables, and chairs. Even factories that make Drum Sets, can use Powder Coating for their Drum Hardware. The list still goes on and on. The used are almost unlimited. If its a durable, weather resistant, and extremely attractive coating you need, then Powder Coating is the answer to your finishing questions.

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 Photos of Parts Coated by B&B Painting

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Powder Coated parts

More Parts in the Oven

Powder Coated Railing

Powder Coated Door Handle

Powder Coated Horseshoes

A few Parts loaded in our oven to be cured

More parts to be cured

Powder Coated Railing 

3rd Door Handle
 for Chevy S10 (view extra large picture)

Horseshoes powder coated with High Visibility Colors. (we also have High Vis Yellow)**

Parts in the Oven

Powder Coated Trailer Hitch

Powder Coated Wrenches, blue

Powder Coated Wrenches, Red

Powder Coated Keychain

More Parts in the Oven to be Cured

Custom Built and Powder Coated Trailer Hitch

Powder Coated Wrenches

Powder Coated Sanguine Addiction Key Chain

Cam Cover before Powder Coating

Powder Coated Mazda Cam Cover

Rims before Sandblasting

Powder Coated Rims

Mazda Cam Cover before and After Powder Coating  

Set of Rims Before Sandblasting and Completed Powder Coated Rims

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**Due to the nature of Horseshoe Pitching, the Durability of the Powder Coating on the horseshoes may be affected. We can not be held responsible for chips and dings in the finish after pitching the shoes.

To Find the color you're looking for Contact us or Check out our .pdf Color Charts