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What is Powder Coating?
Is Powder Coating Safe for the Environment?
What Colors do you have?

What can be coated?

Can I get a clear coat?

I need something coated, but I don't live near your location.

I want my parts coated but they're already painted. What should I do?

What is Powder Coating?    back to top

Powder Coating is a finishing process that uses dry particles of pigment and resin, which are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto a part. The particles coat the part and are held in place by the electric charge. The particles are then melted in an oven and fused onto the parts to become a very tough, durable coating. 

Is Powder Coating Safe for the Environment?    back to top

Yes, Powder Coating is completely safe for the environment. It does not use any solvents, therefore eliminating any VOC's

What colors do you have?    back to top

B&B Painting offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. We have colors ranging from standard colors like, Red, Blue, Gloss Black, Yellow, and many more, to translucent colors, textured colors and specialty colors. Feel free to contact us for more information on available colors. We can also do custom colors if you need them.

What can be coated?    back to top

We can coat virtually any metal object that can be charged with electricity, and placed in a 400 Degree curing oven. Just remember, if there's any paint, rust, or other coating on the piece, we will have to remove the previous coating via our sandblaster, or other means, and this could incur some additional costs. Just Contact us and we'll discuss your project. Some examples of items that can be Powder Coated would be

  • Motorcycle Parts and Frames

  • Farm Equipment

  • Hand Tools

  • Many Automotive Parts (valve covers, air cleaners, etc.)

  • Bicycle Parts

  • Outdoor Furniture, railings, and fixtures

  • and the list goes on, and on

Contact us if you have questions about what can be coated.
Phone- (570) 537-6880

Can I get a clear coat?    back to top

Yes. We have a clear powder that serves the same purpose as a liquid clear like you'd find on your car. It will protect your finish, and provide a great shine.

I need something coated, but I dont live near your location.    back to top

That's not a problem. We can arrange shipping through any of the major carriers. You can send us your parts, we'll Powder Coat them, and promptly ship them back to you. Just be sure to package them in a durable container, and we'll even use it to send your product back to you.

I want my parts coated but they're already painted. What should I do?    back to top

You can send them to us as is. We will remove all paint, rust, or other coatings. We have a full, in house sandblasting facility that does a great job of prepping your parts for Powder Coating.
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