What is Sandblasting?
Sandblasting is a term for the process of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles (sand, silica) across the surface at high speeds; much like using sandpaper, but provides a more even finish with no problems at corners or crannies.

Why choose Sandblasting?
When you are refinishing anything, you don't want to trap dust, dirt, bubbles, or other imperfections from a previous layer of paint under the new layer of paint. By sandblasting your parts or machinery, all imperfections, paint, coatings, and rust are easily removed, creating an incredibly smooth surface that requires minimum prep work for a new coat of paint. Sandblasting is also the ideal way to prepare parts for Powder Coating because it leaves the surface just rough enough to let the powder coating adhere to the metal and provide a tough bond.

Mobile Sandblasting

B&B Painting has a fully mobile sandblasting rig. If you need something blasted and can't get it to us, please give a call. In most cases,  we can bring our air compressor, and sandblaster right to you. Contact us for more information.



Sandblasted Loader

Sandblasted and Unprimed Loader Bucket

Sandblasted and Primed Loader Bucket

Loader Sandblasted Bucket Sandblasted Bucket Primed

Sandblasted John Deere Tractor

Sandblasted John Deere

Sandblasted Bulldozer

John Deere Tractor after sandblasting, ready for primer (view after pictures)

Case 450C Bulldozer after Sandblasting