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For Sandblasting?
B&B Painting is proud to offer one of the most versatile sandblasting operations in the Elmira, NY, and Twin Tiers area. We can handle any size job, from a D10 Bulldozer, or Dump Truck box, to race car frames, and trailers, down to lawnmower decks or antique Milk Cans. We'll do it all. Whether you want to remove thick scaled on rust from an old truck frame, or gently prep your vintage wheels for paint or powder coating, B&B has several different types (grits) of sand to choose from, and will choose the proper sand and procedures to get the job done. With a 300lb. capacity sandblaster, we can offer more continuous time on the job without the need to stop and refill the sand as often. Every sandblasting job done at B&B Painting is sandblasted, sanded smooth and then sealed with an Epoxy Primer before the final coat(s) of paint. If you'd like more information on Sandblasting and how B&B Painting can help you with your project, just contact us, we're here to help you.