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Welcome to the B&B Painting Photo Gallery
Here you will find some examples of some of our Painting work.
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Before Pictures

After Pictures

Sears Handiman Tractor Sears Handiman Before Sears Handiman Front Sears Handiman After Paint Sears Handiman Restored
Chevy Blazer

Blazr1.jpg (111291 bytes)  Blazr2.jpg (108048 bytes)

Blzrdone2.jpg (110985 bytes)  Blzrdone3.jpg (101669 bytes)  Blzrdone4.jpg (110983 bytes)


Backhoe.jpg (116768 bytes) Backhoe1.JPG (115269 bytes)
Bulldozer Buldozb3.jpg (168073 bytes)  Bulldozb2.jpg (162404 bytes)   Bulldoz3.jpg (111309 bytes)
Truck Utility Box 2Utility_Box.jpg (113052 bytes) 7Utility_Box.jpg (294875 bytes)
Custom Mix Concrete Truck (This was a complete color change as the cab was Red)
Custom_Mix_Concrete1.JPG (103010 bytes)  Custom_Mix_Concrete2.JPG (90307 bytes)  Custom_Mix_Concrete3.JPG (104952 bytes)
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